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visi misi ku 3L
love, live, lol
adanya cinta kasih pasti ada kehidupan
karena kehidupan pasti ada canda gurau..

jadi hidup gak sepi deh..

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    • EYudhistira Aprilianto’Outsider Bumipertiwi Visi misiq..
      “We Need Triple ExE”..
      Triple ExE (Extra-Education, Extra-Establishment, Extra-Employment).whehe

      September 8 at 3:48pm · Like ·  1 person
    • Visi misi n Politik gw tu mah..wkwk
    • September 8 at 3:55pm · Like
    • Inata Fadhea Pradana kudu lwih komplex deui mun politik

      September 8 at 3:57pm · Like
    • Inata Fadhea Pradana mun hirup mah siga urang we..

      September 8 at 3:57pm · Like
    • EYudhistira Aprilianto’Outsider Bumipertiwi I think that was enough..
      Remember!! We had an underclass, middleclass n an upperclass, That was the great-nation that I thought was number one n would never die.. Remember, Mr Ir Soekarno have to say “We are the Great-Nation”
      But that was just our pride and faith, two shitty deadly sins.
      The great-nation was a slogan used to keep morale up.
      Corrupt corporation, National bankruptcy, No Education Underclass, Criminal with protection of the law, Tears everywhere.
      Maybe “Poor is the new word for the rich” And I called it Great-DamnNation!
      Hese mikir kata2 na..wkwk

      September 8 at 4:13pm · Like
    • Inata Fadhea Pradana jhahaha..
      meunang ti mana tah kata” na??
      if people whom works for president is death..
      i think Indonesia will come to surface..
      and change the world..
      in eduation, priority, economy, and culture..
      that should be happen if the people i said was gone from this world

      September 8 at 4:17pm · Like
    • EYudhistira Aprilianto’Outsider Bumipertiwi Talking is more easy than the movement n struggling is hardest than u thought..
      Changing the world is the hardest thing, If u wanna change the world, start unfuck it today..!!
      But I think, the false-ways isn’t about ‘who-is-works-for-the-government’,, but how-the-ways-people-think n how-the-ways-people-take-the-action.
      BCoz that, we need Extra-Education to change how-the-ways-people-think n how-the-ways-people-take-the-action.
      When the Extra-Education is suxes.. I think we’ll get Extra-Employment. Why? The simple answer is more high the rate of education is more high the number of corporation will raise..hhe *I’m confused how to explain my opinion :p
      n the last, the Establishment will rise when the people get more money from their working.. *I think I get the mistake from the write..hhe
      mmpphh, I like ur mind, I like ur opinion n I like the ways u think.. Hey man, u look like the revolusioner..hhaha
      If u think u have the same mind with me..
      Start ur movement to change everything now n I’ll to do so..
      Maybe I’ll start my movement with music-ways..hhe 🙂

      September 8 at 5:37pm · Like
    • Inata Fadhea Pradana yeah, talking is easier than anyone thought.
      but the action what will take is more difficult..
      i quiet tired of politics that use money for some chair in highest public parlement..
      because of new era from soeharto, indonesia got down cause of corruption, collution , nepotism..
      that was the root of problem in this country..
      we can saw the action what parlement take to their people..
      the education in this country is so lame..
      cause we can taste free school till junior high..
      when people didnt have money cant taste what senior high education..
      after that, college life is big problem to for people who didnt have money to..
      people with no money cant taste that
      if there any schoolarship, some guts sheldom cut the payment of it..

      in working area, people who in highest place always crush they people..
      make some depress up their head

      we always set slave for money, cause we take many action to get profit, and benefit..
      not thinking what people takes after doing a thing.

      only piece of people in this country who thinking each other feels and what causes if they done it..

      but in low income people that i saw on street, they’re truly happy in poority..
      not thinking to channge their fate..
      but in some people in they life is a rich people but pretending to be poor people..

      if wanna change system in this country trhe key is only chnge system with honest system..
      honest is the key of everything..
      change system only in 1 village or city..
      that shoul easier than whole country..

      im not a revolusioner..
      but i’m a little guy who want a change….

      September 8 at 5:59pm · Like
    • EYudhistira Aprilianto’Outsider Bumipertiwi Yea, I think so…
      Answer ur opinion about the Indonesia got down on new era, that won’t happens if everyone, someone, anyone in our country have a shame n awareness.. N I think the hell still burn up, so who will taste those flame?? N make sure the corruptor got it..hha
      on education problem, everyone had blur with a slogan “Get-study-9-years!”
      but actually, we have another slogan “No-education-for-underclass”hhaha
      on working area problem, the highest position crushed up the low position, thats I called as the-law-of-the-jungle..hha
      Fuck the system, Honesty is the best policy, but planting the honesty-soul on every heart is hard
      *everything is hard, so dont take anything..hhaaaa.
      But we can change the hard thing, start with urself. Give the sample to everyone around u..hhe
      mmpphh.. Look !! Money, lust, sex, junkies criminals, dirty cop, humanboombing, ugly tones, paranoid freaks, drug-dealers, racist, facism, killed by religion, technology crime, blablabla, too many thing I couldn’t say.
      Thats the big disgrace for the whole damn human race..
      Who’s fault??

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